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About Gallery of Graphic Arts, Ltd


Gallery of Graphic Arts, or GoGA, first opened its doors in 1963 at 1603 York Avenue, New York City under the directorship of Ms. Eleanor (Ellie) Seibold.


Then GoGA was exclusively an original limited edition print gallery featuring primarily the works European, Japanese, Canadian Inuit, as well as a select few American printmakers (as they had ample representation throughout New York already.)

Today, under the second generation directorship of Jim Horton, as more and more people wish to express their individuality by hanging one-of-a-kind artworks, GoGA features oils, acrylics and monotypes by a number of gifted artists as well as retaining our heritage by continuing to represent fine etchings, stone lithographs, woodblocks and intaglios by hundreds of gifted artists.

Custom Picture Framing

As time went on the lack of simple clean picture framing solutions led to GoGA’s expansion into custom picture framing for the sale of its own stable of artists and that segued into framing for the many clients who may’ve purchased artwork elsewhere. 

Today the custom Archival presentation of artwork comprises 80% of our business. We are able to devise the means to frame and/or present your objects of art in ways that are limited only by your imagination wherever technically possible. We have over 3,000 frame samples on sight and our designers and artisans have the means to hybrid beyond that to meet your needs. In our mounting we aim to be 100% archival which means everything we do in handling and mounting your piece can be undone. The exceptions to this are generally decorative posters for short term presentation (The latest pop star for the kids’ walls or the like – and even then one may/can choose to have them archivally framed.)

Textile Services

In 1971 The Whitney Museum planned an exhibition entitled “Abstract Design in American Quilts”. In preparation for this show the museum enlisted GoGA to archivally mount the collection for the exhibition. Since then GoGA has mounted over 53,000 textiles of every ilk for both public and private collections as well as dealers and decorators. GoGA has mediated restoration with a variety of specialists who are experts in all fabrics from all the ages.  

​Restoration services

Besides textiles, GoGA has painting, art posters and collectable works on paper restorers who have trained and studied with the most elite museums and facilities in the world to provide you with the best and most up-to-date techniques to bring your worn and tired treasures back to life and increase their market value. Turn-around time varies generally from one to three months depending on condition and solution.
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